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Public Auto Auction - Police Ordered Tows & Additions
Absolute Auto Auction.
All Will Be Sold To The Highest Bidder, Regardless of Price!
Art's Auto Service, Inc. 93 Cedar Street Milford, MA 01758

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Town of Weymouth Tax Asset and Real Estate Auction
Notice: This auction offers different types of assets. In some cases different specific terms apply to the type of asset offered. Be sure that you read and understand the terms unique to "Tax Title" assignments, "Tax Possession" properties and "Land of Low Value" takings. The assignment of Tax Title assets is not the purchase of the real estate, rather it is the sale of the municipality's receivable position. Land of Low Value is real estate taken by the municipality for back taxes; however successful bidders are actually purchasing an instrument of taking and then must petition Land Court to acquire title. The sale of municipal Tax Possession property on the other hand is the purchase of the real estate.
Auction location: McCulloch Building 182 Green Street, No Weymouth, MA 02191
Bid on location at the McCulloch Building or attend on the internet via real time simulcast or absentee bid.
Tax Title Assignment inventory with deed and taking book and page annotation is available for download in Microsoft Excel format when you sign up to request a bidder package.

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2 Freetown MA Properties at Auction, 1 on Taunton River, (Shepherds Cove)
One property features approximately 900' waterfront. Second property features water view.
Both Parcels SOLD
The auction for both properties will be conducted at 8 Evans Street, Freetown, MA at 11:00 am on October 9, 2014
"Flood Elevation Certificate in Hand"

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Waterfront Lot Real Estate Auction
On Site - 0 Cliff Drive Freetown, MA .33 +/- Acre Vacant Parcel ID 101-55-0
Sale per order of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Court
Shepherds Cove Freetown, MA
Property is located adjacent to 49 Cliff Dr. Freetown MA. Click on "Driving Directions" link for Google maps.

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Public Auto Auction
10 +/- Vehicles
Online Auto Auction Bidding Closed April 14th 2014
For full details click on the "How It Works" link

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