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Public Auto Auction - Police Ordered Tows & Additions
Absolute Auto Auction.
All Will Be Sold To The Highest Bidder, Regardless of Price!
Art's Auto Service, Inc. 93 Cedar Street Milford, MA 01758

Terms: Abbreviated: There are no warranties or guarantees whatsoever. Bidders and buyers must conduct due their own due diligence as they deem appropriate. 13% buyers premium and 3% cash discount. Cash and major credit cards accepted (MC, Visa, Discover and AMEX). Sales tax applies per MA Law. Re-sellers must present valid re-sale certificate and W4 to be exempt for personal property purchases. Sales tax applies to the purchase of vehicles per Massachusetts General Law. MA residents who successfully purchase vehicles will pay sales tax when they register vehicle(s). Out of state buyers who accept deliver in MA will be required to pay 6.25% sales tax for vehicles. Out of state buyers who accept delivery outside of MA will not be subject to MA sales tax. Licensed auto dealers will be extended full dealer privileges (in terms of MA sales Tax) upon presenting valid proof of auto dealer licensure.

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