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There are 6 Items - showing 25 items per page. - Town of Ipswich Municipal Real Estate Auction

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Item # 1- 24 Capeview Road
This parcel is a pre-existing non conforming buildable lot located on "Great Neck". The lot is approximately 5053 square feet of area and boasts views of Plum Island sound and the Atlantic Ocean. This lot recently passed a perc test for septic. Percola
Detailed information is available in the property information package.

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Item # 2- 25 Lafayette Road
This 8 room, 5 bedroom 2 story single family home was built in the early 1900's has approximately 2078 square feet of living area and is situated on a 5663 square foot lot. This property is in need of renovation however affordable housing incentives may b
The Town of Ipswich, acting through its Affordable Housing Partnership and Board of Selectmen, is of the opinion that the property at 25 Lafayette Road is a suitable location for affordable housing and as such may be willing to provide financial assistanc

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Item # 3- 100 Turnpike Road:
This 1.96 acre parcel is situated on the Newburyport Turnpike (route 1) at the Ipswich/ Rowley town line.

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Item # 4- 18 Hodges Way
This 10454 square foot lot is accessible through a right of way provided by Hodges way which becomes a "paper road" when it abuts the boundaries of this parcel.

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Item # 5- 15 Valley Drive
This 5053 square foot parcel is situated at the bend of the road on Valley Drive. It slopes sharply downward from the pavement edge.

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Item # 6- 8 Grasshopper Lane
This 11280 square foot lot is abutted by Grasshopper Lane which is an undeveloped "paper road" at the point where it meets its boundaries.


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